Some meal ideas...

These are the types of things I eat.  I'll try to add to this list as I come up with more items. Obviously someone else would choose other things.  It's just for ideas.

Breakfast:  Whole grain bread made with honey; butter, peanut butter, honey on it.  Eggs; cheese, veges, meat.  Oatmeal; but watch out for sugar products in the packaged ones. Whole grain cereals.  Organic cereals made w/ honey.

Lunch:  Left-over meat (hot or cold, on bread or not), pb & h sandwich on bread, tacos (corn tortillas), burritos, pasta (sauce w/o sugar), cheese sticks, fresh veges, fruit, applesauce cups.

Dinner:  Most meats, with sauces that have no sugar, or just with herbs.  Brown rice, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables, raw or cooked (I love zucchini, green beans or asparagus sauteed with italian herbs & olive oil (& a little butter)).  Fruit.  Rice or wh wheat pasta and sugar-less sauce (Classico or homemade). Salad with Newman's Own Italian dressing or other w/o sugar.  Lasagne made "whiteless."  Most mexican food is fine without flour tortillas. 

Desserts:  My opinion is... by all means, eat some in moderation.  This is a hard enough diet, that we need some dessert!!  Chocolate Coconut Bliss "Ice Cream" (non-dairy, made w/ coconut & agave), homemade desserts (take a look at the link for the "Sweet Savvy" website.  She has lots of recipes without sugar).

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  1. Fascinating to see your progress, Vicki. I've often thought that this type of diet would be beneficial, but have never gotten off the ground with it. I applaud your persistence!