Hello!!  How are you all enjoying the winter?  Did any of you see the winter solstice lunar eclipse last night?  It was cloudy here, so we didn't see it!  Bummer! 

The most recent news with me is... nothing yet!  I am waiting to get into my doctor on January 6th.  I will have news for you after that about what my triglycerides are doing.  I have been eating a bit more sloppily lately, I must confess!  I'm having a hard time with the holiday desserts, and am getting a little nervous about what my blood test is going to show.  I think it should still be ok, as I do eat better than I used to (before last April).  I guess I'll see then how "touchy" my triglyceride count is!  It dropped so incredibly fast, does it also increase that easily?  I hope not!  We'll see soon...

I wanted to tell you about a blog I heard about, it's called Lexie's Kitchen - http://www.lexieskitchen.com/.  There's some great looking recipes in there, which I really want to try! 

I am wishing you all some wonderful holidays these next 2 weeks!  I am off work, which is hard since I don't get vacation pay, but am happy to be home with my 4 teenagers, and one extra 17 year old who has flown here from MN to spend the break with my sons.  All is well when there's happy kids, so we look forward to good times!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a successful NEW YEAR in 2011!!