I'm back!

For you followers, I'm really sorry.  I've had a busy summer and fall!  I was gone for a month in the summer, and when I got back we were gone several weekends and I was working during the weeks.  So summer just flew by.  This fall I've decided to go back to college.  I have an AA degree, and checked into what it would take to be ready to transfer to a Univ. to finish up.  I only needed 4 classes.  So I'm working on them!  I hope to be done in a few years and on to TEACHING! :)  I'll try to update this blog more often. 

I have continued to eat much better!  My Dr. wanted another blood test in 6 months, so that will be Nov-Dec.  I'm anxious to see what my numbers are, but am confident that they will be good.  I have lost 15 pounds over the past 5 months - very slowly -  but I'm happy about that!!  I almost completely avoid grains now (except oatmeal most mornings), but do the whole grain thing as much as possible when I do eat them. I rarely eat white flour.  For me, I think that's more important than avoiding white sugar.  Bread isn't a part of my life very much anymore.  As far as sweetness, I opt for agave, honey or brown sugar instead of white sugar when possible.  I am pretty careful, but not super strict about it like I was when I was experimenting to see if the whiteless diet would work. I'm still thrilled it did! :)

The Importance of Exercise:
Since I work at the YMCA, I am much more aware of the importance of exercise.  I doubt I would be able to lose weight, even as careful as I am, unless I continued to exercise.  I proved that when I was gone for a month.  I didn't lose.  It's a combination that works, if I don't cheat on either too much.  I have set aside one day a week where I eat a normal/big meal.  Sunday is usually the day.  I've heard this is true, that our body will adjust to whatever we do.  So, I try to "trick" it into thinking that I am not "starving" myself, by having some days that are a little higher in calories.  We all know about that "starvation mode" thing where your body holds on to every little bit of fat because it thinks that it will need it because we're not eating enough.  So, that's why we should eat a little more normally one or two days a week.  By the way, I don't starve.  I just try to eat good things more and more often.  I stick to a lot of the same things that I like and are good for me.  Such as, I eat a banana almost every single day.  It's filling and healthy.  I make sure I have plenty of protein.  I eat nuts.  Salads with nuts, cheese, meat or egg.  Small amounts of lean meats.  Everyone needs to find their own way of eating that works for them.  The exercise is really important.  We only have to do a brisk 40 min. walk 3x a week to make an impact on our metabolism.  Keep that heart rate up for 30 min. at least.  Within a few weeks your metabolism starts to increase.  If we quit exercising, it also goes back down within a week or two.  Keeping that metabolism up is what helps us burn fat consistently faster.  The impacts of exercise go far, far beyond that.  It prevents disease, it improves our mental outlook, we sleep better, etc.  I always feel much better when I exercise.  I know how difficult it can be, so making a schedule or something helps me accomplish it!!  Taking an exercise class is the thing that's worked the best for me.  I love fun exercise, either in a class or walking/running/biking outside.  I can rarely keep up an exercise routine if it's on a treadmill or a stationary bike, but that's just me.  If that works for you, GO FOR IT! :)  Keep it fun, and if it means treating yourself (at least at the beginning until you start to crave exercise) to something really small afterward as an incentive, do so!  Don't let that get out of hand though.  I never used to exercise.  I was lazy I guess.  I didn't grow up doing sports, and really didn't enjoy P.E.  Working where exercise is a focus, has made me realize how good it is for us.  I see lots of older people who are trying to start exercising because their doctors told them to.  Well, that's where I'm at also.  Exercise impacts high triglyceride levels.  It's never too late to start!

I always appreciate thoughts and imput, so feel free!  Whiteless recipes too!  I would love them!!  Remember:  Smiles are infectious and humor is healthy!!  :)