Blood test results on Monday...

I was able to get in this morning to a lab to have my fasting blood test done!  They said I should get the results on Monday.  I will be looking forward to them!!  This afternoon we went to a wedding.  I had done my one month (plus) almost white-free and had my blood test done, so I decided I would have some wedding cake!!  It... was... delicious!!  Mmmmm!!  A smallish piece of coconut cake and chocolate cake.  Wow!  OK, so I was paying attention to how I felt.  That was pretty revealing!  I felt sick right away, and it wasn't because of the cake... it was because of my reaction to white flour & white sugar.  Just kind of a blah feeling in my stomach.  Then, on the way home I was falling asleep.  I was tired anyway, so I can't say for sure that it was a definitive result from the sugar today, but I do know that I used feel really tired after a very high amount of sugar. I also felt grouchy for a few hours afterwards.  Very interesting.  I don't think I used to have that much of a reaction, but I've had very little in the past month.  It was a treat, for sure, but I found the reactions quite interesting!!  I will write as soon as I can when I get the results!

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