Blood Test Results

Blood Test Results:  My triglyceride count dropped 117 points!!  It went from 307 to 190.  150 is the highest of the normal range.  So, another month and I should be in it!!  Wow!  I didn't expect such good news!! :)  My doctor said that she wants me to stay on the diet and will recheck my blood in 6 months.  Most of the other parts of my cholesterol dropped a little also.  I'm happy because 1. All my hard work paid off!!  2. I don't have to go on Tricor!  3. My family has started eating healthier 4. I haven't found it to be too difficult and I feel good!  Okay, there is a lazy part of me that say "Oh, bummer I can't eat just anything."  But, for me the pros far outweight the cons, and I'm going to stay on it and be healthier!  I LIKE feeling good!  All for now as life is hectic!


  1. Oh Vicki, that's awesome news!! I've been so eager to hear your new numbers -- they're incredible! Way to go, girl :-))

  2. Thank you!! I'm pretty happy about that number getting close to normal range!! Yipee!!