Agave & HFCS info.

This link is really interesting!  The more I read of the link between refined sugars and triglycerides, the more I understand why my Dr. wanted me to go on this diet.  My triglycerides were high a month ago.  As soon as I can get into my doctor's office for a fasting blood test, I will know how much it helped my triglyceride level.  I am anxious to find out!  It will probably be a week after this Friday.  I work M-Th and I need to go in fasting, so Friday is the day, but not this coming Friday, as I will be out-of-town.  Wish me luck!!  


  1. http://www.qna.debralynndadd.com/node/2426

  2. Interesting article, Vicki. The comments sort of muddy the water, making it difficult to know what to believe. Sounds like the bottom line is, "Eat sugar in its most natural state possible, and use moderation."