Book: Get Real. A Personal Guide to Real-life Weight Management

I picked up a book from the loan library at work and sat and read it during my lunch one day last week. I found it quite interesting.  It looks like a good book for most of us.  It has sections about stress and how it affects our weight and methods of relaxation; body image; exercising for fitness; and a sensible diet.  It was an easy-to-read book about being REAL about ourselves.  I really liked the book and would suggest it to anyone.  It is ISBN 1-887781-00-5.

As we're on the topic... I am losing weight pound by pound.  Not 5 or 10 at a time, of course.  It's very slowly, but I'm finding that my clothes are starting to fit better.  I am 5-10 pounds less than I was.  Good news, but some days I find it frustrating.  I wish it was coming off more quickly, but then I have to tell myself that I am making progress!!!  I am happy about it... it's great!!  So, I am getting somewhere slowly.  I remind myself that slowly is better.  It's safer and hopefully more permanent!  I think some of the weight loss is due to cutting out grains quite a bit.  Remember... grains are turned to sugar, and when we eat lots of it, it becomes fat.  I rarely eat bread now.  I eat oatmeal every morning and miss it when I don't.  (I feel better when I have my morning bowl of oatmeal!!)  The rest of the grains, I'm trying to avoid or at least have a very small amount.  It isn't always convenient to eat exactly what I feel I should.  But, as the cravings are minimal, I can usually make good choices!  Let me tell you... that IS an improvement!!  Cutting out sugar has greatly reduced my cravings.  I don't feel like I am on this crazy food roller-coaster where I have to have something, then feel sick because I ate it!!  So... I'm liking these benefits that come from keeping the sugar "locked-up!"   Good luck all of you trying to eat healthier!!  You CAN do it!!  

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  1. By the way... I was eating at Cheesecake Factory last night. YUM!!! Everything looked incredibly good and I couldn't believe how many entree options there were on the menu!! We had these amazing avacado rolls as an appetizer! Oh... my... goodness!! I've never tasted something like that. The good thing is that we were sharing them so I had about a half of one. Then, I chose a salad for my entree. Oh wow, that was a great salad! Just the right size too. Then, I had about 3 fork-fulls of Katelyn's White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake! Wow again! Taste-bud heaven!! :) So, overall I think I did pretty good. I still LOVED the whole experience! The food was AWESOME, but I just didn't have very much of the bad things. I felt very full and satisfied. YAY!! I can eat out and do ok!! Whoohoo!! :)